Rural Surrey LEADER grant programme


Rural Surrey LEADER has allocated in excess of £1.6m over the past 4 years to eligible rural based businesses, communities along with farmers, growers and foresters. 


As of January 2nd 2019 - there are limited, unallocated funds remaining. Therefore we are pleased to reopen our application window to receive Expressions of interest(EOI) for Rural Surrey LEADER grant funding. Are you a micro or small business located in the Rural Surrey LEADER area? Are you a farmer or a forester?


If you are looking to purchase some machinery or equipment, undertake a simple project to expand or increase production then please contact us on and give a short overview of the project and identify exactly what you would spend the grant funding on. Your project will be expected to create jobs and/or economic growth. Full applications and supporting documentation will be required by early February 2019.


 NOTE: Only eligible projects and those projects which are able to proceed quickly will be invited to submit a full application. Planning permission and any other permissions/leases need to be in place at time of submitting the EOI. Application restrictions: grant amount requested must be a minimum of £2,500.


Your Expression of interests will be processed as soon as it is received and once sufficient suitable EOI’s are received the grant funding opportunity will be closed. Therefore it is in your interest to apply as soon as possible and no later than 31 January 2019.



LEADER is a grant programme from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) available to farmers, foresters, community enterprises and rural-based businesses. It aims to improve the economy and quality of life for people in Rural Surrey. Refer to this handbook to find out what sort of projects are eligible.

The Rural Surrey LEADER Programme is implemented by a Local Action Group comprising people from land-based business, commerce, public and charity sectors in the area. The Local Action Group sets the priority themes and makes the grant decisions.