Rural Surrey LEADER grant programme

Now closed to new applications....

Rural Surrey LEADER has allocated in excess of £1.8m over the past 4 years to eligible rural based businesses, communities along with farmers, growers and foresters. 


Rural Surrey LEADER has now allocated all of the funds available.


The Growth Programme has now reopened and is awarding funding, with expressions of interest being accepted from 4 November 2019  through to 16 February 2020. The Business Development, Food Processing and rural tourism infrastructure grants are open to new applications. The minimum grant application for this fund is £20,000.  Further information can be found by following this link:








LEADER is a grant programme from the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) available to farmers, foresters, community enterprises and rural-based businesses. It aims to improve the economy and quality of life for people in Rural Surrey. Refer to this handbook to find out what sort of projects are eligible.

The Rural Surrey LEADER Programme is implemented by a Local Action Group comprising people from land-based business, commerce, public and charity sectors in the area. The Local Action Group sets the priority themes and makes the grant decisions.