Does your project fall into the Rural Surrey LEADER area?

You are able to identify if you fall into the Rural Surrey LEADER area by using magic mapping using these instructions:

  • Click...Get started
  • Agree to terms and conditions and click OK
  • From the table of contents select (click on +)
    • Administration Geographies then.....
    • Other Administrative Boundaries then.....
    • Rural Development Fund eligibility for LEADER groups
  • Enter your postcode into the map search box and press enter
  • Your location is displayed as a blue shaded area. Now select from the feature tools
    • info button (i) and then click within the blue shaded area. A pop up will advise you which LAG you can apply to for LEADER funding
    • If the box states no features found - you fall outside of the LEADER area, you may still be eligible so email your local LEADER group for more information.

 The Local Action group have prepared a Rural Surrey LEADER - Local Development Strategy. This outlines the priorities and objectives for the Programme and the key activities which will be the focus of investment, this may be useful to read when considering whether to apply.  

If you have a project idea and you fall into our area please see the applicants handbook for further details on what LEADER can fund or contact us for more information.