Current programme Success Stories

A flavour of the successful projects who’ve received match-funding already. More detailed information on any award given is available by contacting us. 

Food & Drink production
  • Wine Cellar Door was awarded £2,600 to develop a multi-function App which would be available for free in Apple and Android versions. It will offer the user the ability to find their nearest vineyard, using GPS data, as well as providing detailed vineyard information.

  • Silent Pool Distillery is an award winning distillery, producing different spirits in the heart of the Surrey Hills. They were awarded £119,000 towards a project which will deliver a semi-automatic bottling facility and hugely increase their production capabilities to around 2.5million bottles per year.

  • Albury Organic Vineyard was awarded a small grant of £2,680 to create a new, multi-functional website and to design and install signage for a self-guided tour at the vineyard. Visitors can now walk around the vineyard and interpretation includes an educational element about growing vines and producing wine in Surrey.

  • Gray’s Dairy received £22,000 towards the creation of a brand new on-farm gelato business based on Goldstone Farm from the dairy herd there. Funding was used to purchase equipment for manufacture and storage, a freezer van for sales and deliveries. Production is now in full swing and their frozen products can be found across Surrey.

  • Chimney Fire Coffee was awarded a grant of £7,000 to develop coffee production in their new location at Ranmore Manor. The grant was used to purchase larger capacity machinery to increase the output of coffee, to undertake more ‘Chimney Fire Coffee Experiences’ and improve website functionality.

  • Norbury Blue Cheese Co was awarded £10,000 to help relocate their business from the family farm to Sherbourne Farm, where a unit is being converted by the landlord for maturing of the cheese.  This will help them increase production as well as developing ‘cheese-making experiences’ which are currently run along with Denbies Wine Estate.

  • Taurus Wines Ltd was awarded £49,000. The project will involve fitting out a new wine shop as part of a business expansion into larger premises, a converted barn.  The project will include, amongst other improvements, a fine wine climate controlled cabinet and a wine dispensing machine.

Farm building conversions
  • Park Farm Stables was awarded £47,000 to convert a significant part of the farm holding, previously a dairy farm, into equine use, offering a part livery service for up to 30 horses. There will be 20 stables, an indoor and outdoor sand school, and facilities for livery customers. There will also be a new website.  

  • Lockhurst Hatch Farm was awarded £50,000 to convert an unused building into a 2 bedroom rental property on their farm. This property complements their other bed and breakfast and holiday property rentals, thereby supplementing their income.

  • Etherley Farm, a poultry farm near Leith Hill already offering basic camping, was awarded £38,000. The project is to convert farm buildings to create permanent toilet/shower facilities to encourage longer stays and a butchery with a fully equipped and manned farm shop to serve camping guests and local trade.

  • Charrington Farms was awarded £5,074 to install precision farming technology to improve the efficient use of inputs including sprays, fertiliser and fuel, delivering both environmental and economic benefits.

 Other awards
  • Walton Firs Outdoor Centre - the latest recipient of funding from Rural Surrey LEADER. They've increased their capacity to 80 beds in 10 'mega pods' each sleeping 8 young people.
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust received two awards.  The first of £3,000 helped them to purchase mobile sheep handling equipment, to provide humane and safe handling of their flock of sheep.  Their aim is to establish a flock of rare breed Hill Radnor sheep for conservation grazing at various Surrey locations. They then applied and received £8,000 to purchase mobile cattle handling equipment for their rare breed cattle.

  • LJN Tree surgeons was awarded a grant of £31,000 for the purchase of an excavator.  The equipment will be used to access and manage smaller woodlands on estates, farms and land across Surrey at a cost effective rate and with minimal damage to the woodlands.

  • CGJ Mathias & Son was awarded £13,000 to buy a piece of specialist equipment for trimming and lifting field-grown nursery stock for gardening, plus a specialist transport trailer for it. Their aim is to expand their production of UK grown stock.

  • Biddles Arboriculture was awarded £9,000 to purchase a wheeled wood chipper capable of dealing with thicker wood. This machine will deliver efficiency benefits to the applicant’s fledgling business by being able to process wood on site more  sustainably.Projects funded in the 2015 to 2020 Grant Programme

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